With her catchy and endearing story based pop songs, Emily Rockarts is starting to catch on in Toronto’s crowded music scene. Her songs explore the wide eyed optimism of moving to new cities, the expansive depth of oceans, and the stratospheres of space.

Emily met Dan Rougeau (guitar - Flatrock, Midcoast), Soren Nissen (bass - Omni 3, David Occhipinti) and Ian Wright (drums - I Double You, Autobahn) while attending school at Humber College. Drawing on different backgrounds of rock, pop, jazz, and folk they're working towards developing a cohesive sound that merges these influences.

"Mapmaker", Emily Rockarts' debut release from April of 2016, is a collection of songs that is as sweet and light hearted as it is thoughtful and full of longing. Emily's music is artfully expressed through her captivating quartet. The music is honest, quirky, ever-changing and guarantees that no two shows will be the same. 

After a successful east coast tour in promotion of "Mapmaker", Emily is writing a new batch of songs, with the focus on a national tour, and the release of a full length album in 2018.