Hello out there!

My first blog post on this shiny website is terribly overdue. I've slowly eased myself into the crazy world of the many streams of online information so I figured I should now say hello!

The biggest news of the day is that I'm heading out on tour in the fall! Working on some new songs, recordings and shows. I've had the absolute pleasure of working with Montreal artist Naomie Hadida this past year (she did the album artwork for Mapmaker!). Naomie is a friend of Dan's, and I first met her doing this funny little gig at a glasses shop in the Junction! She's got such an eye for what looks good, and I'm so glad she's designed this latest tour poster for us! 

I'm so excited to head out east! I've been a few times for fun, but never to play! We've got some cafes, some bars, a brewery and a bowling alley (here's lookin' at you Sackville)! Hopefully we'll see you at a show in the fall!

Artwork by: Naomie Hadida

Artwork by: Naomie Hadida