Airplay on the CBC!

So last month I got my first airplay on the CBC! I've been listening to the CBC for as long as I can remember, and to hear my song played on national radio was really something special. 

Back in 2012 I was driving into school for a rehearsal with my radio dialled to Radio 1 when I heard the incredible story "The Whale's Choice" by naturalist, Jenny Kingsley on "The Sunday Edition". Jenny narrates her encounter with a humpback whale on the Pacific Coast. The first thing that caught my attention was the sound of Jenny's voice. She has the perfect storytelling voice. That in combination with her incredible experience stuck with me for a while and the story inspired to write "Whale Song". 

Fast forward to the spring 2016, I had released Mapmaker (with "Whale Song" as the opening track!) and I was thinking about the song one afternoon and I thought "I wonder if there's any way I could listen to the story again" and there it was archived on the CBC website. (thanks Google!) It was just as captivating as the first time I had heard it and so I decided to send Jenny a note, along with the song to say thank you for her story. I was so happy to hear back from her and get to talk with her about the song and her story. None have this would have happened without the inspiration and help of Jenny Kingsley. 

"When a humpback whale, a fifty foot long, intelligent, emotional beautiful animal comes within a few feet of me and stays! I want that to be enough. After I held onto its pectoral fin there it made a couple more trips by the boat and then it swam off. Slowly, just a few feet at a time, a breath, each breath a little bit further away from the boat, and then it was gone.

And that was the thing - it's an experience that you can't control, that whale is gone and there's no way to get back close to it. There's nothing that you can do to make that happen. That's the whale's choice... It just gently came up and gave me a chance to hold it, to shake its hand, and to smell its breath, and to look in its eye and just to be there."

You can listen to an excerpt of the story along with my song here, or the whole story here


 "Whale Song" was played on "The Sunday Edition" on July 17th, 2016. 

Check out more of Jenny's work at http://www.jenniferkingsley.ca

PS. Whales are awesome.