Reason & Romance Tour Update #1

We’ve been on the road for just under a week, and the time is nigh for the inaugural Emily Rockarts Band blog, written from the warm passenger seat of our tour mobile, somewhere between Dryden, ON, and Winnipeg, MB. Dan here, Em’s driving at the moment. There are already so many stories to tell, some of which we’ll share here, and some whose nature is questionable enough to omit from this pleasant weekday read. Enough foreplay!

It was an absolute pleasure to be featured at the inaugural Go North Festival on St. Josephs Island, just east of Sault Ste. Marie. We enjoyed making new friends (The Elwins), hanging with old pals (Union Duke), and hearing legendary Canadian vagabonds (Old Man Luedecke). The brisket sandwich from Low & Slow Smoked Fusion BBQ was celestial, and the beer from Northern Superior was indeed just that. Factoring in the perfect weather, excellent organization, hospitality, and a campfire jam session that burned til’ the early morning, it couldn’t have been a more perfect Saturday! Thanks to the township of St. Joseph’s, Elise Nelson from Girl Friday Productions for booking us, and everyone else whose efforts culminated in this awesome event.

On the road to The Soo, we were humbled by the generous hospitality of Richard Smith (father of infamous Toronto fiddle player and all around good guy Nate Smith), who floored us with his corn bread, chilli, and world famous frittata. In return, we spent the morning doing yoga in his backyard, all the while hoping our weird group exercise sessions weren’t too off colour. In Timmins, we played at The Working Class Pub – would recommend – where we were challenged but ultimately victorious in some epic games of pool with local pub owner and notorious pool shark Krys Saudino. I’m sure he’s still sore about scratching on the 8 ball….twice.

Our good luck and string of fortunate experiences came to a bitter end on Sunday when our plans were foiled by a blocked culvert south of Wawa on HWY 17. The road was washed out, and our route to Thunder Bay became treacherous. It turns out, in northern Ontario, there really is only one way to get somewhere. We took advice from a perfectly pleasant but painfully misinformed older gentleman, who seemed to know the lay of the land as well as Aragorn knew Middle Earth. We took the highway back the way we came, and hopped on Ranger Lake Rd (also known as the Mines of Moria), a 60 km stretch of “good gravel road” that was littered with potholes, bumps, ditches, puddles, and was only worsening with the heavy rain. We drove on with white knuckles for over an hour, and came out on HWY 129 with our Jeep and trailer certainly worse for wear, covered top to bottom in sand and small rocks. The detour added 6 hours to our drive, and we rolled in to Thunder Bay around midnight. Needless to say, our show at The Apollo was cancelled! Here’s to anyone in Thunder Bay who was planning on coming to the show. We’re sorry! You can blame the blocked culvert, whatever that is. At least the road was scenic!

If you’re not following Soren’s Instagram story (@soren_nissen_bass), then you should be. Unless you’re not interested in this tour, or good comedy. But then why would you be reading this blog? Soren’s continually updated videos are the funniest and most up to date news you can get! Great value, minimal data consumption.

Here are some fun lists:

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